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About us


Our team is an exciting combination of innovative lawyers and experienced senior partners, advanced technology and proven work methods. Our greatest asset is our employees.

We are proud of our employees and, together with them, seek to continually develop and improve our firm.

In FEDORYSHYN & PARTNERS we promote and pay attention to the development of the social responsibility of business, hoping that each member of our team obtains appropriate personal development and achieves high professional success with us.

Modern society develops constantly. In an effort to have a positive impact on the development of society, we seek to build the proficiency and skills necessary to effectively participate in this development.

Our aim is for FEDORYSHYN & PARTNERS, within our chosen fields of business, to be the most proficient commercial law firm in Ukraine.

We also seek to develop and maintain a culture of excellence based on common shared values, team work and a determination to succeed.

The mission statement expresses our level of ambition.
Our ambitions for the future motivate us to always do the best we can for our clients.

Therefore, our standards are high when it comes to professional expertise, business understanding and client service.

Our company wishes to contribute to the evolvement and development of our society. Primarily, we achieve this through influencing legislation and its interpretation, taking part in ground-breaking litigation and advising governmental and private clients on matters of major importance to business.

We strive for success, yet at the same time many of lawyers entered FEDORYSHYN & PARTNERS to "make a difference" and promote justice.

However, we have also made it a priority to perform legal work in order to prevent or correct injustice in our community or to provide charitable services.

Our lawyers take pride in providing free of charge counseling.

We dedicate significant resources to free legal services each year, giving priority to cases involving freedom of speech or human rights.

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